The Judge is working hard to get off of Fox Business and onto Fox News Channel, because they have much better ratings, but he’s as charismatic as a soggy doughnut and as quacky as Glenn Beck. He’s been hammering away at not raising the debt ceiling for months now and he has the full stable of FN Pundits at his disposal.

Here’s his latest attack on our social safety nets, programs that we pay into by the way. He likes to quote the Founding Fathers quite a bit, but dismisses Presidents who saw American seniors dying in the streets and average Americans struggling to live with bad health before and after the stock market crash and were smart enough to do something about it. It took a while to do, but they’ve been tremendous for our society. The CapoNapo is making the argument that the US is stealing from you.

Napolitano Asks Why The US Should Provide Emergency Health Care, Compares It To Theft And Slaveryor won’t pay for it themselves, that’s slavery.

Napolitano: When the government forces hospitals and physicians to provide free health care for those who can’t. That’s why we have constitutionally chaos now. The government steals and enslaves and we outlawed that a long time ago.

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