US jobs data escalate fears of double dipBy Shannon Bond in New YorkPublished: June 3 2011 13:56 | Last updated: June 3 2011 14:40The US economy added just 54,000 new jobs in May, confirming fears that the recovery has hit a soft patch as the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.1 per cent.Non-farm payrolls rose far less than the 165,000 that economists polled by Bloomberg had expected and were well below the average 220,000 gain in the previous three months, the US labour department said.EDITOR’S CHOICEFT Alphaville: Payrolls fail – Jun-03Opinion: Back towards a US double-dip – Jun-01Focus on next plot twist and miss wider story – Jun-01US manufacturing loses steam in May – Jun-01US home price double dip – May-31US jobless claims fall by less than forecast – Jun-02The unemployment rate rose by a tenth of a point from 9 per cent in April, disappointing hopes that it would fall back to 8.9 per cent, but the increase was due to an expanding labour pool as more Americans searched for jobs. Out of a workforce of 153.7m, 13.9m people are unemployed. / US & Canada – US jobs data escalate fears of double dip

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