In 1981 President Ronald Reagan began his assault on organized labor. He believed in no control on Capitalism what we refer to as: “The Free Markets” that by freeing up the markets that workers would be better off. That corporate profits would trickle down to workers in terms of better wages, better benefit packages, and that society would be off. Reagan became the spoke person for corporations and the super rich. Reagan and the Republican Party were convinced by corporate executive officers throughout the world that the so-called “Free Markets” would give the Republican Party control of America. He had this thirst for power, money, and he surrounded himself with the super rich; he became part of the makers, the shakers, and the breakers of who’s, who’s in the world.
This was the beginning of corporate deregulation freeing assets and increasing profits at the expense of society. It allowed corporations the opportunity to privatize its profit’s, and the opportunity to socialize its losses’. They stole the “American Dream” destroying the middle class, destroying democracy, and they turned the United States into a banana republic because the super rich knew what was best for society; that the 1 percent were the chosen people by GOD to rule the planet. In 1993 The North Free Trade Agreement was passed and 2005 The Central Free Trade Agreement was passed by a single vote in the United State Senate. This destroying organized labor pushing wages down for workers, and allowing corporations the opportunity to make obscene profits like never seen before. Thus, widening the gap between the rich and the working class this has created massive amount of poverty in America.