Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Wednesday requested assistance from the U.S. Selective Service System as part of his ongoing investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.


“While my office will continue pursuing this investigation, I have spoken of the need to enlist the aid of other agencies,” Arpaio said in a press release. “As a first step to that end, I am now requesting the assistance of the U.S. Selective Service System asking them to conduct a concurrent investigation to verify the authenticity of this document.”


Arpaio announced on March 1 that his six-month investigation into Obama’s birth certificate concluded the document was most likely a “forgery.”


The Republican sheriff now claims that Obama’s Selective Service registration form from 1980 was likely a forgery as well. Arpaio has asked Selective Service System Director Lawrence Romo to produce the original form so he can determine if it is authentic.

“Failure to register or otherwise comply with the Selective Service registration process is a serious offense,” A



Arpaio asks Selective Service System for assistance in ‘birther’ investigation | The Raw Story.