With 50 million Mexicans Americans in the US; I want to produce a movie about the way it was in East Los Angeles in the 1960s. The football games Roosevelt vs. Garfield. Bring back the oldies, the cruising, the Imperials Car Club, and other car clubs from that time. The storyline will be the tragic auto accident of Alex and Lil Mike in August 1968 on Pacific Coast Hwy. The Beach Party was held by the Imperial’s Car Club in Huntington Beach. Alex was a Lincoln High Student leaving the beach party with his girlfriend Cathy. Lil Mike was coming to the beach party with his girl friend Vivian who was a Roosevelt High student; Both Alex and Vivian died as result of the accident. Cathy suffered brain damage, and Lil Mike spent 4 months in the accident. They were both just 17 years old.

PS. I need financing for this project; can you give me some suggestions. Or call me at: 760-540-8864

Thank You,

Armando Olmos