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Road to Nowhere: Federal Transportation Infrastructure Policy - road-to-nowhere-federal-transportation-infrastructure-policy

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Release Date June 2012

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In his blog post, CFR Senior Fellow and Renewing America Director Edward Alden introduces the Renewing America Progress Report and Scorecard series, which is intended to highlight—in both a visually compelling fashion and in a more detailed narrative—the challenges the United States faces in rebuilding the foundations of its economic strength.

The first installment of the series, "Road to Nowhere: Federal Transportation Infrastructure Policy," provides a critical assessment of federal transportation policy.

Just a generation ago, the United States invested heavily to create one of the world’s best transportation infrastructure networks. But now, with real investment stagnating even as much of the infrastructure is reaching the end of its useful life, global economic competitors are leaving the United States behind. Along with a description of major policy initiatives, the report analyzes what’s needed to get U.S. transportation infrastructure back on track.

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This report was prepared by Rebecca Strauss, associate director of Renewing America Publications at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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