Conservatives who talk about free markets don’t know what they say.  There’s no such thing as the free market economy; it doesn’t exist it’s a license to steal and rob from us.  The rapid expansion of Walmart is the result of public money given to them by our federal government. They receive more than 1.2 billion dollars per super center store across the USA;  in addition they receive, free land, infrastructure assistant, very low financing interest rates, special grants from their state and their local governments.  Finally, it receives indirect subsidies to pay for the healthcare of their employees like medicaid because Walmart the richest retailer in the world provides no benefits to its employees this is shameful. Walmart refuses to pay it’s employees a living wage, or offer its employees any kind of healthcare benefits making its employees rely on government welfare to survive;  Paving The Way For Poverty in the state of Arizona where I live new employees are hired on a part-time bases working less than 35 hours per week at minimum wage of $7.70 an hour. Arizona is a right to work state that doesn’t allow organized labor to get a foot hold here. Walmart’s CEO Mike Duke earns more money in one hour than the average employee earns in a year,  stealing from it’s employees, making deliberate mistakes on payroll deductions, cheating employees out of hours worked, human rights violations, and violating minimum wage laws. They block any attempt for its employees to unionize, they use scarce tactics to intimate employees, they terminate employees without a just cause.   The abuses inflicted on the workforce is the driving force behind Walmart employees relying on the social safety-net that our government provides in order for their employees to survive; in fact, 80% of Walmart’s employees receive food stamps and government medical insurance. Walmart is the third largest corporation in the world grossing 446 billion dollars annually and pure profit of 15  billion a year while they pay their executives lavishly. Mike Duke Walmart’s CEO 2011 received a compensation package worth 18.1 million dollars; already a millionaire 10 times over. The Walton Family do even better than that they control the corporation through stock ownership they own 48% of Walmart’s stock; making the Walton Family one of the richest families in the world with 102 billion in assets. Walmart hired hands rely on 2.66 billion dollars in government assistant, or 466 thousand dollars in government assistant making their employees the largest group by an organization on welfare because they pay poverty wages this is sad, and disgusting.

The Free Trade Agreements that  the USA signed with China, Europe, Japan, North America, South America, and other  foreign governments made it possible for Walmart to purchase its inventory for pennies on the dollar making it virtually impossible for local businesses to complete; devastating entire cities across the USA, leaving debris behind empty abandoned stores, and empty buildings where once factories existed. It make the USA look like a third world country. Maxist Socialism Banana Republic USA most people who live in the USA think that sweat shops only exist in third world countries, but they’re in backyards in Canada, Mexico, and the USA. The people living in North America should be outraged at these multi-national corporations because their robbing us of our  tax dollars and  stealing our pride. Large corporations have lobbied politicians at the local level and at federal level changing tax laws to send jobs overseas. To third world countries where living conditions are deplorable, they have no running water, contaminated drinking water, no bathrooms, one room small shacks with multiple families, and no labor laws to protect the workers. These global corporations were able to get Congress to pass sweat shop anti-workers legislation that made it possible for US corporations to move their production to third world countries where labor is dirt cheap to the point of criminal.