We are workers who need a living wage.

When Obama talks about economic numbers what he really is talking about is how well investors are doing financially; he never talks about workers and their ability to pay their living expenses or own their own home. When Obama gives his’ speeches on the state of the economy he’s being disingenuous what he doesn’t tell the American people is that there’s two economies the one he always refers to is the rich people the top 2%; he never refers to the working class where 98& of us reside. Obama refers to the top 2% because they line his’pockets with gold sad but true. I Am A Labor Trying To Feed My Family  Obama is a Blue Dog Democrat and when he gives his’ public speeches he chooses his’ words carefully to intentionally miss lead the American People. The President talks a good game; he even blast his Republican rivals to put on an act, but he agrees with them on many issues like Free Trade and expanding our military presence all over the global we have become the world police protecting the trade routes of the transnational corporations. The Free Trade Agreement have been a night mire for the North American working class because it forces the American worker to compete against workers in 3rd and 4th world countries where the people live in subhuman conditions, no running water, no bathrooms, the people are suffering from malnutrition and dying young from serious illnesses from the poor diet. Multiple family living in 12 X 12 rooms very crowded conditions, and dirt roads with no transportation.

These giant global corporations violate human rights, no labor laws to obey, no child labor laws, no minimum wage laws, no overtime laws, and workers aren’t allowed to organize. In fact the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United States Chamber of Commerce are behind this effort to take away all human rights from the working class creating  a Dictatorship Maxist Socialist World By Global Corporations. This classless society will have no human rights or any political muscle. Small business owners across North American should be outraged at these actions and small business owners should band together and leave the Chamber of Commerce because they aren’t defending your interest. Small business should come together and create their own social network to challenge corporate domination. Americans should be outraged. How Much Do Workers Earn In Third World Countries This will stock you the working conditions and their standard of living. These are sub-human conditions without any hope or human rights.

These workers have quotas they must meet meanings 16 to 20 hours days of work without enough rest, often sleeping in the factory to keep up with the demands of production, and if they fall behind schedule they ‘ll be beaten brutally by their foreman. Often these workers are cheated out of their wages, and they’re taxed unlawfully these global corporations rob these of their wages workers. These are crime that go unpunished and no one is ever brought to justice. They pollute the drinking water they contaminate the food supply they cause illnesses they even cause death, and where’s the world’s outcry for these innocent people. No one seems to care as longest as it’s not in their backward or effected by this directly.