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Most Pro-Life State Has 25% Increase In Abortions
September 18, 2012
By Justin Acuff

Arizona is the most pro-life state in the United States, as evidenced by their new, most-restrictive-in-the-country anti-abortion laws (20 week absolute limit with no exceptions) and abstinence-only sexual education promoting director of health, Will Humble.

Jezebel reports:

To say that the 20-week ban itself was somehow causing the increase would be disingenuous; the measure has been tied up in legal wrangling since it was signed into law by the state’s governor Jan Brewer (fun fact about Jan Brewer: she doesn’t have any mirrors in her house, because she doesn’t have a reflection). And the state’s health director, abstinence-only-education proponent Will Humble, says that the 25% jump is due to enhanced reporting techniques that the state now requires, and that his “don’t do sex” method is working because the number of teen pregnancies is dropping in the state.

“But state Health Director Will Humble said he cannot say for sure that really means more pregnancies were terminated in 2011 than before. He said it may just be that his agency, armed with a new law that took effect in mid 2010, is just getting a better data.

Humble said, though, that one thing is clear: The number of teens getting pregnant in the first place continues to drop.”

But all of this is drawing attention from what’s really going on here, which is that pro-life politicians in Arizona and elsewhere have no [censored] idea why women have abortions, nor do they have interest in addressing the reasons that women choose to end pregnancies. It’s asinine. Trying to eliminate unplanned pregnancy and the desperation that accompanies it by outlawing abortions is like trying to fix a car’s muffler by turning the radio all the way up.

They’re exactly right. Republicans seem to have no idea why women get abortions, or, in fact, any ideas about women’s health in general. Evidence is provided for this in Arizona’s defunding of Planned Parenthood, and you can ask Shelby County in Tennessee how well that works. The answer is that it doesn’t.

As Jezebel also reports, “Except the state has cut taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood on the grounds that the organization provides abortions, even though state and federal law requires that no taxpayer money be used to finance abortions unless the mother’s life is in danger. They’ve effectively made it more difficult for20,000 women to access basic health care, including contraception.”

Jezebel is exactly right. Abstinence-only sexual education has been proven to be the same as no education at all, and actually increases teenage pregnancy and infectious disease rates.

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