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Robert Reich and ‘Amend 2012’ Launch Campaign for Constitutional Amendment to Overturn ‘Citizens United’

Robert Reich appears in a new video from a new organization, Amend 2012, calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United. In just over two minutes, Reich clearly and effectively explains how Citizens came about and why it is dangerous to U.S. politics. The campaign focuses on the idea that corporations aren’t people, only people are people. Reich then asks everyone to take action in support of Amend 2012’s call for a constitutional amendment:

Thanks to the Supreme Court and Citizens United, the same big corporations and billionaires that destroyed our economy and caused millions of us to lose our jobs and homes, are spending obscene amounts to drown out our voices in elections and take over our government.

But together, “We the People” can set things right.

The campaign website has a petition, a way for supporters to donate to the cause, and a way to sign up for the campaign’s ‘Constitution Crew’ with numerous other ways to support the amendment drive. The website also offers state-by-state toolkits for activists, the latest news about related issues and a more thorough explanation of the court ruling and the problems it creates.

The campaign is a project of Common Cause. Public Citizen is also pushing for an amendment to overturn Citizens United.

A recent poll shows that two-thirds of small business owners say that Citizens United hurts them, while only nine percent found it to be a positive thing.

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Netflix Sharing Will Be A Crime? Fight Back: | Demand Progress

The recording industry just came up with yet another way to throw its customers in prison. Tennessee is enacting a law to make it illegal to share passwords for “entertainment subscription services” like Netflix and Rhapsody. From the Associated Press:State lawmakers in country music’s capital have passed a groundbreaking measure that would make it a crime to use a friend’s login – even with permission – to listen to songs or watch movies from services such as Netflix or Rhapsody.This isn’t just an effort led by overzealous local lawmakers, and it won’t stop at Tennessee’s borders. The Recording Industry Association of America is behind the bill, and they’re pushing it across the country.The bill, which has been signed by Gov. Bill Haslam and takes effect July 1, was pushed by recording industry officials….They hope other states will follow.There are countless ways for these services to address their concerns without threatening to lock people up. Will you urge your state lawmakers to oppose similar legislation in your state? Just sign on at right to send them this note, under your name and email:TO MY STATE LEGISLATORS: The recording industry is trying to pass laws that would have people thrown in prison up for sharing their own passwords to services like Netflix. There are countless ways for these services to address their concerns without threatening to put people in prison. I urge you to oppose any legislation that would make it a crime for me to share a password with my friends.Just fill out the form at right to automatically email your state lawmakers.Here’s an AP article on the just-passed Tennessee legislation.[fb] If you’re already on Faceb

Netflix Sharing Will Be A Crime? Fight Back: | Demand Progress

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