The Social Contract


Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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Table of Contents


  1. Subject of the First Book
  2. The First Societies
  3. The Right of the Strongest
  4. Slavery
  5. That we must always go back to a First Convention
  6. The Social Compact
  7. The Sovereign
  8. The Civil State
  9. Real Property


  1. That Sovereignty is Inalienable
  2. That Sovereignty is Indivisible
  3. Whether the General Will is Fallible
  4. The Limits of the Sovereign Power
  5. The Right of Life and Death
  6. Law
  7. The Legislator
  8. The People
  9. The People (continued)
  10. The People (continued)
  11. The Various Systems of Legislation
  12. The Division of the Laws


  1. Government in General
  2. The Constituent Principle in the various Forms of Government
  3. The Division of Governments
  4. Democracy
  5. Aristocracy
  6. Monarchy
  7. Mixed Governments
  8. That all forms of Government do not suit all Countries
  9. The Marks of a Good Government
  10. The Abuse of Government and its Tendency to Degenerate
  11. The Death of the Body Politic
  12. How the Sovereign Authority maintains itself
  13. The Same (continued)
  14. The Same (continued)
  15. Deputies Or Representatives
  16. That the Institution of Government is not a Contract
  17. The Institution of Government
  18. How to Check the Usurpations of Government


  1. That the General Will is Indestructible
  2. Voting
  3. Elections
  4. The Roman Comitia
  5. The Tribunate
  6. The Dictatorship
  7. The Censorship
  8. Civil Religion
  9. Conclusion

Table of Contents

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